Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

Smart contracts, low-cost global payments, token economics, and an easy to use digital wallet.


Taking the tech out of blockchain

Leverage blockchain as a way to accelerate the impact of your social mission without any technical know how.

Easy to use digital wallet

Send and receive payments, redeem tokens for rewards, remunerate your teams - all wrapped up with easy-to-use cryptocurrency financial services.

Powered by Stellar

Task is a Stellar partner. Scale your enterprise with the financial tools their technology has to offer.


Supports Stellar Lumens, USDC, stable coins and any other asset issued on the Stellar network.

Custom rewards

Custom redeem options against your own tokens to provide any type of reward.

Stable coins

Local support for currencies such as USDC, ARS, ARST, EUR, NGN, BRL, MXN, TZS, KES, ZAR with coming soon.

Cross border payments

Send cross border payments to anywhere in the world.

Custodial & Non-custodial 

Non-custodial wallet option for users requiring higher levels of security.

On/off ramping

Purchase digital currencies and transfer to/from your local bank.

Exchange assets

Instant crypto exchange for Stellar assets with the best exchange rates.

NFTs from The Blue Marble

Develop new revenues through your organizational impact by making it available for your supporters to purchase and collect.

Monetize impact

Publish your impact stories as NFTs that can be purchased via the Task Impact Marketplace

Digital communities

New opportunities for organizations with social missions to widen their funder community with purchasable assets.

Publish impact

Create NFT’s of the work that’s being done, the results and impact created to increase liquidity.

Purchase impact

Invest in impact and own the outcome as a digital asset, with smart contracts creating innovative models such as royalty payments.

The Blue Marble is our sister brand that was developed by the team at Task. Please visit The Blue Marble to learn more.

Token economics

The right economic systems means you scale your mission free of centralised management overhead.

Tradable assets

Custom assets

Custom digital tokens you can use to power payments, incentives and behaviours around your social and environmental missions.

Transparent accounting

End to end blockchain ledger accounting to validate tradable assets you produce such as one tonne of carbon sequestered.

Reach & regulation

Global trading community

All assets can be purchased and settled at low cost via the Stellar decentralised exchange.

Asset regulation

Custom regulation of your assets to protect your integrity and value such as enforcing that carbon credits be purchased one time only.

Smart contracts

Develop innovative financial models with our contract capabilities. Task uses Stellar Turrets to provide enviromentally friendly, Turing complete smart contracts.

Turing complete

Turing complete technology provides full programming capabilities.

Environmentally sound

Low-environmental impact thanks to Stellars consensus protocol.

Custom impact

Use financial tools such and ESCROW to protect your investment community.

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