Team engagement

Get the best from your teams with user profiles, leaderboards, reward programmes, activity reporting, and community chat.


Engagement starts with good conversations

Bring your teams closer together, increase engagement and maximise productivity with Task’s community chat.

Team collaboration

Team and community chat that brings communication into one place, allowing for easy management of your social missions.

Multi chat options

One to one or group channels focused on a specific mission keeps the entire team in the loop.

Full feature set

Moderate groups, mute and block users, threaded replies, reactions and much more.

User scale

Scale from small localised teams to global networks with unlimited users and channels.

Connect your teams with community chat

Whether inside or outside the organization our community chat ensures everyone you work with is connected.

Rewarding your teams

Task’s custom rewards helps you scale by encouraging groups of people to join and stay engaged with your mission.


People can earn Blockchain tokens when completing activities which they swap for rewards.


Encourage and motivate your teams by issuing awards and highlighting individual and group achievements.


Custom redeem options in the Task wallet allow team members to swap their tokens for payments or rewards.

Profiles & reputation

Hero pages

Hero Pages are a great way to show off an individual's contribution to the impact being created - highlighting their achievements whilst promoting the work to your supporters.

User reputation

To help encourage user engagement, all team members are provided with a breakdown of their activities completed and their reputation score.

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