Provide your team with mobile route planning and an efficient means to report on completed deliveries

Create orders that will get fulfilled by a delivery team with route planning and reporting of the operation saving you time and increasing team efficiency.

This is a start-point for you to build on. It uses Task workflows to let you create an order that will be assigned to the delivery team. The delivery has geo-location, route planner and all the details needed to track and fulfil the order.

Data you'll be gathering and tracking

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    1. START HERE! (1.0 point)
    Create a delivery (Basic) (0.0 points)
    Create a delivery (Detailed) (0.0 points)
    Marc > 3 food packs (0.0 points, category: George )
    Ted > Test (0.0 points, category: Thailand , sub category: 77110 )
    Tina > T2 (0.0 points, category: Italy , sub category: 00153 )

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