Improve your CSR and employee volunteering

By Connecting your employees you can encourage volunteering and support their efforts

Bring your workforce closer to your corporate social responsibility missions

Is it a challenge to keep your employees engage and energised? How about an easy way to roll out custom CSR programs that include them in your social missions?

Increased productivity

Improved workplace purpose and happier more productive teams with common goals

Gain ambassadors

Turn your employees into your marketers as they share their stories on social media

Impact reporting

Instant access to data for use when reporting against the SDGs and other indicators

Key features

Fast deployment

An easy to use, flexible system that can be configured in minutes with employees on boarded and tracking their activities instantly

Dashboard reporting

Connect to your favourite reporting tool or build a custom Task dashboard for management and employees to view the impact created

Points and rewards

Setup points systems to motivate behaviour change and reward employees for completing activities that support your CSR objectives

Data gathering

Gather data across multiple locations and departments so you can report accurately on your progress against the UN Global Goals

  • “Task means we are able to build meaningful data and pass on the story to the local authority teams running housing and poverty charities.”
    Bill Boorman, #tru

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