PERMA - Student Wellbeing Tracker

The PERMA wellbeing tracker is based on Martin Selligman's work in positive psychology for a fuller picture of student wellbeing.

Identify and act on issues before they become major problems.

Centralised monitoring for all pastoral leaders

User Friendly Input

Mobile first custom surveys to track ongoing reflections and goal setting.

Centralised Data

Send your students' wellbeing data to Google Sheets. Customise your data dashboard.

Informed Conversations

Pastoral leaders use the information to identify potential issues and offer support.

Key features of the wellbeing tracker

PERMA Model of Wellbeing

The PERMA wellbeing model is based on the 5 elements of Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships and Achievement - we've added Health in there too!

Easy Set Up and Customisation

Download the Task Wellbeing Project recipe and get started immediately. Easy to further customise a tracking system that's unique to your school.

Reward Positive Behaviour

Use Task's rewards feature to encourage your students to make regular use of the tracker. Each task earns points to redeem for rewards of your choice.

Educational Discount

Take advantage of Task's flexible plans for educational establishments. No need to splash out on expensive software or long term binding contracts.

  • “Task means we are able to build meaningful data and pass on the story to the local authority teams running housing and poverty charities.”
    Bill Boorman, #tru

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Data you'll be gathering and tracking

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    Diet (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    Exercise (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    Goals (1.0 point, category: 5. Achievement)
    Headspace (1.0 point, category: 2. Engagement)
    How to use the wellbeing tracker (1.0 point)
    Mood Tracker (1.0 point, category: 1. Positive Emotions)
    Positive Interaction (1.0 point, category: 3. Relationships)
    Productivity (1.0 point, category: 5. Achievement)
    Resilience (1.0 point, category: 4. Meaning)
    Screen Balance (1.0 point, category: 2. Engagement)
    Sleep (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    Stress (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    The Flourishing Scale (1.0 point)

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