A new way to make volunteer management more efficient

Enable your volunteers to track what they do in the field and report back on the impact they are creating

Connect your teams. Gather field data. Report on the results.

We understand the challenge faced by leaders in the nonprofit sector and how important it is to know what’s happening on the ground

Reduce admin

Save time with volunteers able to upload timesheet hours from their smartphones

Retain staff

Increased engagement results in happier volunteers who stay with your organisation

Increase funding

Social sharting of volunteer activities builds confidence with your donor community

Key features

Flexible reporting

Connect to your favourite BI tools for fast out-the-box reporting you can share with management and donors

Data gathering

Easily gather impact data from teams in the field that can be used to track and measure program performance

Blockchain auditing

Capture and store activity data on a blockchain ledger for ongoing, secure analysis of the impact being creating

Points and rewards

Utilise our custom rewards systems that can be used to incentivize and motivate your volunteer teams

  • “Task means we are able to build meaningful data and pass on the story to the local authority teams running housing and poverty charities.”
    Bill Boorman, #tru

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